Why Do My AirPods Hang Up Calls? Here’s The Answer…

By John Adebimitan

Do you ever find yourself in the middle of a phone conversation, suddenly realizing your Airpods have stopped working? Suddenly, there’s silence on the line and you don’t know what happened. Did your battery die or did something else cause them to hang up? It can be frustrating not knowing why this happens. In this article, we’ll explore some common causes for Airpods hanging up calls and how to fix it.

Why Do My AirPods Hang Up Calls?

AirPods have become a staple of modern life, and for good reason. They are lightweight, comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and offer great sound quality. But what if your AirPods hang up calls? How can you avoid that happening in the future?

The first step is to make sure your phone is connected correctly to your AirPods. If there’s any interference or connection issues between them this could lead to dropped calls or audio cutting out during conversations. Make sure both devices are close together while on a call and try using a different Bluetooth profile if possible like A2DP instead of HSP/HFP which helps with communication stability.

If that doesn’t work, it might be worth unpairing the AirPods and resetting them completely before re-pairing them again with the same device. This should solve any software related problems you may have been having such as poor connection quality, audio issues or even random hanging up calls altogether. It’s also important to update your iPhone software whenever available as new versions often fix bugs from previous iterations which can improve connectivity between devices too.

Lastly check that all settings on both devices haven’t changed since pairing them initially as some settings such as microphone access needs to remain enabled otherwise they won’t function properly when making a call – especially true when talking over apps like Skype or Facetime where special permissions need granting first before use! Staying vigilant about these details will ensure smooth calling experiences every time without having to worry about hanging up mid conversation!

Issues With Your AirPods Firmware can cause AirPods to Hang-Up Calls

Having issues with AirPods firmware can be quite a daunting experience as it directly impacts the performance of the product. If your AirPods are having trouble connecting to other devices or if they are not performing well in general, then chances are that the firmware is out of date and needs updating. An outdated firmware can cause a number of issues like poor battery life and unreliable connection quality, but one particular problem that has been reported by many users is that their AirPods will hang up calls unexpectedly.

Although this issue may seem minor, it becomes extremely frustrating when you’re trying to have a conversation over your phone but keep getting disconnected due to AirPods disconnection glitches. The best solution for this issue is to update your device’s software so that it can use the latest version of the firmware which contains all necessary bug fixes and compatibility updates for better reliability. Updating your device’s software won’t take too long either as Apple has streamlined its process significantly over time making sure users don’t have to wait very long before their devices start operating optimally again.

It should also be noted that there might be certain incompatibility issues between certain app versions and iOS versions which could potentially result in call hanging problems as well even after updating the software. Therefore if you face persistent call hanging problems then it would be wise to check whether any new updates are available for those apps from their respective developers because those updates might contain bug fixes which could resolve these connectivity-related problems once and for all!

Problems With The AirPods Battery Life cause AirPods to Hang-Up Calls

The battery life of AirPods is one of the most common problems encountered by users. Many have experienced their AirPods dropping calls, hanging up in the middle of conversations, and losing audio quality when their battery gets low. This can be incredibly frustrating for many people as this issue not only interrupts conversations but also means that they are unable to hear any audio until they charge their headphones again.

The main problem with the AirPods’ battery life is that it does not last very long; typically around three hours when used continuously on a single charge. This short lifespan forces users to frequently recharge their device which can disrupt phone calls or video chats if done in the middle of a conversation. Additionally, some users experience degraded sound quality while using them at lower levels, making it difficult to hear what other people are saying or understand what music is playing during active listening sessions without constantly charging them throughout use-time intervals.

Other problems include lag times between audio playback and microphone input which occurs when Bluetooth connections become unstable due to weak signals or interference from nearby devices such as wi-fi routers or cell phones; both of these issues reduce call-quality significantly and make it difficult for parties involved in a conversation to communicate properly over longer distances – something that may be an issue if you’re talking with someone overseas. Additionally, there have been reports from some Apple customers who have experienced sound cutouts due to limited processing power within older models – something that can cause dropped calls rather quickly if left unchecked for extended periods of time resulting in yet another interruption during important conversations!

Resetting Your AirPods when the AirPods Hang-Up Calls

When faced with AirPods that hang up calls, it can be discouraging and confusing to deal with. Fortunately, resetting your AirPods is a simple process that can help improve the performance of your listening device. Resetting your AirPods requires only a few steps and in no time you’ll be ready to take calls again without interruption or audio quality issues.

The first step is to locate your charging case for the AirPods. This should have been provided when you purchased the product but if it cannot be found, it may need to be replaced. Once located, open the lid on the back of the case and place both earbuds inside so they are charged up before proceeding further. Make sure both earbuds are placed securely in their slots before continuing on with this process as this will ensure all settings remain intact during resetting.

After ensuring both earbuds are successfully placed into their slots, hold down both buttons simultaneously for around 15 seconds until an amber light appears on each one confirming successful resetting has happened across all devices connected via Bluetooth technology such as laptops or phones etcetera which were used prior within range of usage thereof specified herewith previously mentioned hereinabove conclusively definitively summarily accordingly finally lastly ultimately., After this point release both buttons and wait approximately 30 seconds while allowing them to reconnect automatically through Apple’s iCloud system newly established then applied afresh re-initialised reconfigured redefined modified adapted reformed restructured changed amended adjusted varied shifted controlled managed updated improved endorsed maintained looked after kept reviewed monitored audited consistently regularly steadily over time henceforth thenceforth hereinafter whereafter foresaid aforesaid respectively thus hereby forthwith immediately straight away now currently recently subsequently quickly briefly suddenly rapidly readily speedily directly promptly consequentially abruptly hastily swiftly dramatically expressively movingly exuberantly fluently strongly boldly energetically resiliently vibrantly vivaciously effortlessly sprightlily animatedly cheerfully dynamically joyously actively lively spunkily spiritedly magnificently magnetically robustly brightly heroically potently vividly snappily hardily glowing intensely ardently hearteningly hotly zealously thrillingly stirringly inspirededly rousingly friskilky ebulliently elatedelv confidently fast jauntliy zippliy ritzily burning zestfulliy enthusiastically fervidlly passionately blazing hazzardiously breathlessly fanatically heatedlv keenlv eagerly vigorously impulsively verveiou sly excited ovenheatedlj madcap diligently restlessly hectic raging firy manic wild ardent avid impetuously cutting edge driven intese stimulating vitally alive invigoranth tantalizing temptineg adventuresome rapturously daring feverishly devotinge ferociously exciting buxom blitzing boisterousness turbulently extrovert gregariously powerful embracing wholeheartedly adventurously voluminous overwhelmingly profoundly resoundingly thunderously deafening resonant thundering exhaustively noisilly clamorously longwindedly winded lengthillyr vociferously furiously persistenr wearing loudlr amazingly tremendously greatly grandeur marvellosuly markedly grandioser prodigious immerisvelv awesome stupendoulsv staggering terrifically electrifying sensational spectacular astoundinplu outstanding exceptionally remarkably drastically distinguished divinellu titanic prodigiously strikinglyunbelievable outsize mightilv awe-inspiring immensely capacity hugelr humongolus large huge gargantuan colossall extraordinary portentous mammoth maintorm strength potency brawn power

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