Why Does My PS5 Keep Turning OFF?

By John Adebimitan

Following its launching late in 2020, many gamers are having a rather challenging experience with the PlayStation 5 due to bugs and other issues, with each one stranger than the next. One of the most serious issues with PS5 for gamers is that the console turns OFF randomly. Imagine during a high-octane gaming session with friends, and the console just tuns off without warning. 

So why does your PS5 keep turning off? According to reports, sometimes the problem occurs only in some games due to a software glitch. But sometimes, you may see that the PS5 keeps turning off randomly while playing, no matter what game you’re playing. If the PS5 turns off by itself, then the question arises, what is the reason, and how can you fix the problem?

Why does my PS5 keep turning off randomly mid-game?

This can be due to various reasons, both software and hardware. Before you send the console in for repair, you should first check the following:

  1. It might be overheating: Does the PlayStation 5 have enough air on the sides and top to draw in fresh air and to be able to transport the warm vent air away? Check the vents for dust buildup. If the vents are blocked by dust build-up, the console may overheat and turn itself off after a while or during games when the console goes through high processing. 
  2. The console is on Rest mode: The Rest mode is a feature on PS5 that lets the console operate at low power during download sessions. But when still in Rest mode, if you try to run and play your games, it may turn off. The reason for this is not clear, but the Rest mode is not intended to be ON when playing. So, turn it OFF.
  3. You need to install firmware updates: Check whether all available firmware updates and game updates are installed? If this is not the case, then you should do this now.
  4. Check the plug on the power pack: Is the power cord plugged incorrectly? The power supply unit’s power cable may be loose and pull out easily with the slightest touch, briefly losing power to the console. So, you should replace the power cord.

Why does my PS5 keep turning OFF in rest mode?

There is no concrete answer as to what is causing the problem, although a few users claim it’s due to issues with the PS5 firmware updates. However, some users who have been able to have their consoles repaired by Sony still experience Rest mode-related crashes.

So, the reason for this is not clear, but the Rest mode is not intended to be ON when playing. It’s meant to let you download firmware, software, and games in low power mode. But again, always turn Rest mode OFF if you want to enjoy your game. 

Why does my PS5 keep turning off when I play Fortnite 2K and other games?

If the console always turns off while playing the same game, check the “error history” inside the PS5 and see if the error code CE-108255-1 appears. Go to “Settings,” “storage memory” and reinstall the game that crashes your PS5.

If that doesn’t resolve it, you can click on the gear icon from the PS5 main menu. Then, click on “system,” “system software” and “restore PS5

If everything recommended does not solve the PS5 turning off while playing, then contacting the PS5 support service is a great alternative.

Why is my PS5 getting hot quickly – signs of overheating issues and tips to fix

If your PS5 is getting hot quickly, maybe there is a dust buildup in its cooling vent. You have to clean it. Also, perhaps you placed it too close to the television, a wall, or a heater. It would be best to let the console breathe because too high temperature can damage the components of the PS5 and cause it to shut down.

Here is a list of tips for fixing ventilation issues and preventing your PlayStation 5 from overheating:

  • Check the vents for dust buildup: The vents of the console is at the back. So, check if it has built up dust. Sony recommends removing dust from the PlayStation air vents with a vacuum cleaner at low power.
  • Don’t place the console in a closed compartment: It is not advisable to put it in a closed or semi-closed compartment. Also, Sony advises that it should be at least four inches away from the wall. The console needs to ventilate its hot air and therefore needs space.
  • Do not place objects on the console: Don’t place objects on the console or too close to it; otherwise, it may heat up more. Also, avoid stacking electrical devices. Do not put the PS5 on a drive or other electrical device that heats up so as not to congest the heat and dissipate it effectively.
  • Do not leave the console ON for too long. It is better to save your game, turn OFF your console and come back later to it than leave your console on pause all night.
  • No stickers over the vent holes, please! Be careful with every customization element of the PlayStation 5. Ensure that the stickers and shells do not obstruct the fan vents of the console.

Tips to fix a PS5 that keeps turning OFF

You can try the following if your PS5 keeps turning off randomly:

#1. Turn OFF HDMI Device Link 

The PS5’s HDMI Device Link could be the factor causing the random shutdowns. To disable this, go to Settings >> System >> HDMI. Then, select HDMI Device Link and press the X button on your Dual Sense to turn it OFF.

#2. Try a Firmware update

Go to Settings >> Select System and then System Software. Click on System Software Update & Settings.

Next, choose Update System Software and then select Update via Internet. Finally, select Update to start downloading the firmware.

#3. Clean your console

Dust is the number one enemy of the PS5. So, you must regularly clean the environment around the PS5 to prevent dust from accumulating around it and then clogging the fan.

If you have very dusty USB ports or any of the ports on the back of the console for that matter, brush back and forth until you get most of the dust off.

Sony recommends using a vacuum cleaner at low power. You can also clean the PS5 fan with a compressed air bomb.

#4. Disable Rest Mode

There are two ways to disable Rest mode. These include with the power button and in Settings.

With the power button

  1. Press and hold down the power button on the console for some seconds
  2. Release when the console beeps twice 
  3. You’ve successfully disabled Rest mode

In Settings

Go to the Settings menu >> Power Savings settings >> and Rest Mode setting. Finally, turn OFF Rest Mode by toggling ON “Don’t put in Rest Mode.”

#5. Rebuild PS5 Database

Start by shutting down the PS5. Go to safe mode by simply pressing and holding the power button on the console for around five seconds. Doing so will cause the PS5 to beep two times before going to safe mode.

You cannot use your controller without the wire and when the system is in safe mode. Instead, connect your Dual Sense with a USB-C cord and turn it ON. Then, select Rebuild Database (the fifth alternative) from the available choices, and then select OK.

#6. Contact the Sony support for a fix

If the above troubleshooting doesn’t work, then you may be one of the few that got a faulty console. The best thing is to contact the Sony PlayStation customer service to send the console in for a repair.

How to turn off rest mode on PS5

With the controller. The third way to turn OFF rest mode on the PlayStation 5 is to press and hold the PlayStation button on the PS5’s new DualSense controller. After navigating to “Power” in the menu, you can disable sleep mode from there.

How to turn OFF auto-update on PS5

The steps you need to follow to do this are as follows:

  1. Enter the “Settings” from the dashboard
  2. Next, go to the “System” section
  3. Go to the “Energy saving” tab and click on “Features available in standby mode
  4. Click on “Games/applications and saved data settings” in the settings.
  5. Go down to Automatic updates
  6. Then turn OFF Auto Install and Auto Download in Rest mode

How to turn OFF PS5 with a controller

To do this, you must first press the PlayStation button on the DualSense controller and then call up the Control Center. Now navigate to the bottom right. There you will find the option “Turn OFF.”

Select “Turn OFF PS5”. Alternatively, you can use this procedure to switch to sleep mode.

Can unplugging your PS5 damage it?

Unplugging your PS5 after a gaming session without turning the power OFF is not advisable, but it won’t damage your device. It’s the equivalent of what happens during a power outage. However, don’t unplug the console in Rest Mode. This can damage the SSD or result in data loss or corruption.

Can I leave PS5 ON overnight?

Yes, you can, but in Rest Mode. The PS5 does not always have to be shut down completely. In Rest mode, some functions are retained, while the energy consumption is lower than when switched ON.

For example, files can still be downloaded. In addition, you can specify which functions should remain ON in Rest mode by going to Settings >> System and Energy saving and selecting the “Options available in sleep mode.”

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Is a cooling fan needed for PS5?

No, the PS5 doesn’t need extra fans for ventilation. The PlayStation 5 has a stately size. One reason for this is the integrated ventilation – which is efficient enough to cool the console. It, therefore, does not need any external ventilation. Ensure the PS5 is not enclosed by any furniture.

How to turn OFF PS5 without TV but with button

Press the power button on the PlayStation 5 for one to two seconds. Then, release it, and the console will turn itself OFF.

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