Why Is My Airpods Flashing White But Not Connecting? Here’s The Solution!

By John Adebimitan

Are you wondering why your AirPods won’t connect, even though the LED light is flashing white? Have you been trying to figure out what’s going on for days now with no luck? I hear ya! It’s so frustrating when we don’t understand how our tech works. If this sounds like you, then this article is exactly what you need.

I’m here to help demystify your confusion and provide some real solutions. By the time we’re done, I guarantee that not only will your AirPods be connected again, but also that you’ll know all about troubleshooting them in the future too! We’ll discuss some of the most common causes for connection issues and explore easy-to-follow steps on resetting and reconnecting them. Ready to get started? Let’s do it!
So, Why is my airpods flashing white but not connecting? If your AirPods are flashing white but not connecting, the most likely cause is that they have been reset and need to be re-paired with your device. To do this, open the case lid and press and hold the setup button on the back of the case until you see a white light flash. Then go to your Bluetooth settings on your device and select “AirPods” from the list of available devices.

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Why is my airpods flashing white but not connecting?

The most likely cause of your AirPods flashing white but not connecting is that they are out of range from the device they were last connected to. To resolve this, simply move closer to the device and make sure Bluetooth is enabled on it. If you still have trouble connecting, try resetting your AirPods by pressing and holding the setup button for 15 seconds until a white light appears. Afterward, reconnect them to your device and enjoy!

Why Is My Airpods Flashing White But Not Connecting? Here's The Solution!

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Common Reasons for Airpods Flashing White but Not Connecting

The Obvious:

It is always possible that the most obvious reasons are at fault when Airpods are flashing white but not connecting. This could mean you have low or no battery charged in either one of your AirPod’s cases. It could also be as simple as both headphones needing to be reset. If the issue persists, there might be a deeper issue which requires further investigation.

Hardware Malfunction:

Airpods can malfunction due to hardware issues, and this can happen with any electronic device. If your case has taken a significant drop or been exposed to water damage, it is likely that the components within the case will become defective and need replacing. In other scenarios, an internal component inside either of your AirPods may become loose resulting in wireless connection instability issues.

Software Glitches:

Sometimes software glitches can cause problems with Bluetooth connections between devices such as computers to iPhones or iPads and vice versa. These types of glitches are often difficult to diagnose since they vary from system version-to-version; however, if you suspect this may be causing your problem it’s usually best practice to update all relevant versions on each device involved – ensuring all systems are running the latest version available.


Why is my airpods flashing white but not connecting?

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Airpods Flashing White but Not Connecting Issue

Resetting the AirPods
The most common remedy to this issue is resetting your AirPods. To do so, press and hold the setup button on the back of one of your AirPods for 10-15 seconds until you see a white light flash several times. Once finished, it should change from flashing white to amber and then off again. This means that you have successfully reset your Airpods. If they are still not connecting, try repeating this process with both sets of pods in order for them to connect properly.

Check Your Device Settings
If resetting has not resolved the issue, check into your device settings and ensure that Bluetooth is enabled. Additionally, make sure that all other wireless connectivity options are turned off (i.e., Wi-Fi). It’s important to note here that if you experience difficulty getting both sets of pods connected at once, try connecting each pod individually by pressing the pairing button twice on each respective earpiece and selecting “Connect.”

Update The Software Of Your Devices
Finally, if these steps have failed as well, update any software associated with your devices – especially Apple products like iPhone or Macbook – as they may be running an outdated version which can cause connection issues between two Bluetooth devices such as Airpods.

  • Open up ‘Settings’, then select ‘General’
  • Tap ‘Software Update’
  • Select ‘Download & Install’

. Following completion of this step – restarting all connected devices – should resolve this issue without further troubleshooting needed!

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