Why Is My Location Wrong on My Android Phone?

By John Adebimitan

We now have a lot of applications using GPS. So anytime you go on one, it shows you your current location, which is great. However, what if you notice that your app says you were somewhere you’re not? You start to wonder, “why is my location wrong on my android phone?”

Why Is My Location Wrong on My Android Phone?

Your phone’s wrong GPS tracking results are likely because the GPS receiver on your phone has been disabled, the location accuracy on your device has not been set to the highest level, or the location app may not have been granted permission to utilize your phone’s location services, which would explain the problem.

  • Software Anomaly. A little bug likely popped up on your phone. This can lead to a variety of problems, including GPS malfunctions. Rebooting your phone fixes the issue.
  • Physical Barriers. Although they’re invisible to the naked eye, navigational satellites require a direct line of sight with your phone to send and receive data. Therefore, your phone’s GPS must contact at least two of the 24 available satellites to determine your location.
  • Problems with your ISP. Whenever your phone is trying to figure out your location, it makes use of both the GPS and internet connection on it.  So even if the GPS is getting a correct reading, your phone gets confused with the location to which your ISP is sending a ping.
  • There was not enough time to do a calibration. Also, the built-in GPS on your phone takes time to locate satellite radio waves. So sometimes, it can give you the wrong reading, especially if you just turned it ON.
Why Is My Location Wrong on My Android Phone?

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How to Fix the Wrong Location on Android Phone

One of the first things to try is improving the GPS Accuracy.

  • Go to Settings on your phone
  • Navigate through the list and click on the location, check that it is ON
  • Then scroll to Google Location Accuracy, select it to set it to High Accuracy. After that, it will determine your location by using GPS and cellular networks or Wi-Fi.

Even though it uses more battery power, this is the most accurate way to find out where you are.

Disable the use of mock Locations

  • Go to your phone’s Settings
  • Navigate through the list till you get to the Developer option or About phone
  • Tap the Built Version option 6-7 times. You’ll get a notification saying, “You are now a developer!”
  • Now go back to the Developers option and put it OFF or click on Mock GPS and turn it OFF Manually

Remove the App That’s Causing the Problem

  • Try checking for GPS location in Safe Mode; it will let you see which installed apps are the source of the problem.
  • If you can use Google Maps without any issues, then one of the installed apps is the culprit in your case.
  • Remove any app downloaded from a source other than the Google Play Store, including bogus GPS apps.

Verify that you have access to the internet.

Bad or no internet connection is the most common cause of inaccurate location data in Google Maps.

As long as your Android phone’s internet connection is up and operating, you’ll have full access to your current location. To confirm that you have an active connection.

  • Go to your Settings
  • Select Connections
  • Check if the Wi-Fi option is activated if you have access to Wi-Fi
  • Do the same for your mobile network.

Check your VPN

VPNs, which are networks that are located in different locations and allow you to join remotely, may indicate your location as being incorrect at times.

When you connect to a VPN and misrepresent your location, you must have supplied all permissions without realizing it. As a result, disabling your VPN is highly suggested.

  • Go to Settings, select Connections
  • Choose More Connection Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • You can see if a VPN is connected by running this command. If this is the case, disable it.

Physical obstructions

Buildings, dense foliage, and even severe cloud cover can reduce your device’s accuracy. Avoid areas with trees or big structures for the best results. When it comes to the dense fog, the only option is to wait it out.

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Why Is My Location Wrong on My Android Phone?

How to Change Location on Android Phones

Sometimes when you don’t want your activities to be surveyed, and you wish to change your location, or you move around a lot.

Got to settings on your phone, then select security & location

  1. The Location switch should be ON
  2. For mode or location, choose one of the following options:
    The available options differ according to the device.
    • High accuracy: GPS, Wi-Fi, and mobile networks are used to predict location with high accuracy
    • Power saving / Battery saving: To estimate location, this app makes use of Wi-Fi and mobile networks
    • GPS only / device only: Location estimation is accomplished solely through the use of GPS, which consumes minimal battery power.
  3. When prompted for permission to use your location, select Agree

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Why Is My Location Wrong on My Computer?

  • The location on computers depends on the Wi-Fi signature. This data is gleaned from the understanding of the connection’s location by the ISP/network. Unfortunately, these records may be out of date, resulting in an inaccurate location being recorded.
  • It’s also possible that you’re using a VPN. A VPN, or virtual private network, is entirely separate from the physical internet. Packets of data sent from your computer to various networks fool it into thinking it’s located somewhere else.

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