Why Is My Phone Charging Backwards? (iPhone FIXED)

By John Adebimitan

After a long day, you get home and plug in your phone to charge for a bit. You return and get to see that instead of your device charging normally, it has been charging in reverse – Discharging.

This can be a little confusing and has left me frustrated to find my phone charging backwards after long hours of plugging into an outlet.

As a result of my phone charging backwards and then trying a few things that ended up working, I have put this article together to share common causes of reverse charging/discharging and some tips to get your phone fixed.

What Is Meant by Reverse Charging?

Reverse charging is a term for when your mobile device is connected to charger, but instead of the battery percentage increasing, it decreases. It is also commonly referred to as “discharging”.

You know how in charging your phone’s battery, you expect the numbers to increase? Well, imagine the reverse, when instead, you lose charge even though your device is plugged into the charger. This is what reverse charging is.

It is important to mention that reverse charging also refers to a feature some phones have that allows them to charge another phone with just a USB cord and OTG cable. However, in this context, we’ll be examining the “discharging” meaning of reverse charging.

Why is my phone charging backwards on android?

Here are some reasons your phone may be charging backwards:

  • Your charger may be faulty.
  • The Charging point on your phone might not be in good condition
  • Usage of your phone, while it is plugged in, can have your phone charging backwards
  • The level of current also affects the way your phone charges
  • The USB cord may no longer be compatible with your phone and need to be changed
  • You’re using a charger that is not compatible with your device
  • The charger you’re using is plugged into an AC outlet or plugged into the USB port on your PC
  • The USB receptacle of your phone is dirty or damaged

Why is my phone charging backwards on iPhone?

External reasons to why your phone is charging backward on iPhone are:

  • A faulty charging port
  • A malfunctioning charger – iPhones use a specified charger that is made for iPhones (MFi). The use of any other charger aside from the MFi lightning charger may cause your phone to charge backward.
  • The use of a heavy app while charging can drain power and make your phone charge backward on iPhone.
  • Poor electrical current may also affect how your phone charges
  • A chemically aged or faulty battery

How I fixed the issue with my phone charging backwards

Fix 1: Swap the charger for a different, working charger

When your cable or charger is worn out or damaged, some of the wire strands separate internally. This will increase resistance and reduce the amount of power the cable can conduct. So, try to use someone else’s charger to charge your device and see if the charge increases.

Fix 2: Clean USB receptacle

Dirt can collect in the charging port and affect how your phone charges. This is because the dust or lint in the USB receptacle can affect the electrical connection. Once the electrical connection cannot be established, the battery receives no power and will continually discharge even when plugged in.

Fix 3: Stop charging, allow to completely discharge, and leave for 12 hours

Emptying the battery of your phone can help. Stop charging the device, use it, and allow it to completely discharge, leave for around 12 hours and try charging it again. Allow it to charge until it gets to 100% before turning the phone back ON. This can help to fix any issues and get it to start charging properly.

Fix 4: Replace your phone battery

Many times, a chemically aged battery will charge backward. Replacing the battery will have the issue fixed in no time. If your battery is removable, then this is something you sure can do yourself, but if it’s built-in, then you might need to get it to a technician.

Why is my iPhone only charging halfway?

●      The use of a bad or non-MFI (made for iPhone) cable or charger

These sorts of chargers or cables are not compatible with your device and may just be the reason your iPhone is charging halfway.

●      A faulty charging port

This charging port may be faulty due to the presence of dust, debris, or any hardware issues and damages. If twisting and moving your charger around gets it working, you probably should get your device to a technician or try claiming a warranty if your warranty covers hardware issues

●      Wrong Power Source

A poor current, plugging your iPhone into an AC outlet or into the USB port on your PC may cause your iPhone to charge halfway. Once the power source is changed to something with enough current to the rating of the iPhone, the iPhone may then start to charge properly. 

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How do I clean a charging port?

Two ways to clean a charging port are the use of either a can of compressed air or a toothpick.

Cleaning a charging port with compressed air

  • Step 1: Make sure the can is upright.
  • Step 2: Point the nozzle into the charging port
  • Step 3: Press the nozzle to give the charging port a good blast.
  • Step 4: Shake the device to free any remaining dust.

Cleaning a charging port with a toothpick

  • Step 1: Get a strong toothpick
  • Step 2: Get a properly lighted space to ensure that you can see the dust that needs to be picked out of the port.
  • Step 3: With the toothpick, scrape the dust carefully from inside the charging port.
  • Step 4: Shake the phone so the scraped dust falls out of the charging port.

In all, you mustn’t use metallic objects like pins when cleaning your charging port, this is because it can result in a short circuit that can potentially destroy the phone.

Finally, you shouldn’t blow into the charging port of your phone with your mouth. This is because the air introduced into the port is moist and can potentially get the charging point to start becoming rusty.

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