Why Is My Phone Not Allowed to Make or Receive Calls? Causes and Best Fixes

By John Adebimitan

You check your phone, you have an active data and call plan, yet every time you attempt making an outgoing call, it drops. A friend or family member complains that every time they call your phone, it drops.

It isn’t strange to hear people make this “why is my phone not allowed to make or receive calls” complaint. Maybe you have even experienced it, or are currently experiencing it. No doubt you can relate to the frustration that accompanies that situation, especially when there is a lot at stake.

So, let’s take a look at why this happens and what you could do to fix things.

Why Is My Phone Not Allowed to Make or Receive Calls?

Weak or poor network coverage is the most common reason why your phone won’t make or receive phone calls. This is often either because you are in an area that has poor network coverage, the network provider experiencing downtimes and overloading, or sometimes your phone having hardware or software issues. The same is true for incoming calls. They just won’t connect when there is no network coverage. Whenever you experience this, you could move to a location that has good network coverage to see if that fixes things.

There are other times when phone users may not be able to make or receive a call even when there is strong network coverage. For these, we have compiled a list of solutions.

Android Phone Not Allowed to Make Calls or Receive Calls? Best Fixes

Fix 1:  Tweak the Airplane Mode

Switch ON the Airplane mode and disable it after some seconds. This should fix any network bottleneck your phone may be experiencing. To do this, go to Settings >> Network & Internet >> Airplane mode. Or you could SIMply drag the tray down and click on the airplane icon. If after trying that you still can’t put calls through on your phone, something else is wrong.

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Fix 2: Tweak the SIM Card

Try to deactivate and re-activate the affected SIM card. Now, this can be done without removing the SIM card from the SIM tray. Just go to Settings >> Network & Internet >> SIM cards. Once you see the SIM card, you will notice a switch button right in front of it. Just switch it OFF for a few seconds and switch it back ON.

This should reactivate the SIM card and, in most cases, will fix any issue with outgoing calls on your android phone.

Fix 3: Switch between SIM Cards and Phones

Android phone not allowed to make calls or receive calls? Try using the same phone with another SIM card to know if the problem is with your service provider. If you can make outgoing calls with the same phone but with another service provider, then you should reach out to your network provider to report the situation.

Fix 4: Reset Your Network

If after trying all the possible fixes for the issue and none seems to be fixing the problem, you may need to reset the mobile network. Note that you don’t need to reset the phone, just the mobile network. To do this, go to Settings >> System >> Reset Options >> Reset Network/ Mobile. On some Android phones, you will have to go to Settings >> General management >> Reset > Reset network settings.

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iPhone Not Allowed To Make or Receive Calls? Best Fixes

Fix 1: Tweak the Airplane Mode

iPhone Not Allowed To Make or Receive Calls? Check your settings and Toggle the Airplane mode ON and OFF. Open Settings >> Airplane mode >> ON/OFF. Be sure to leave it OFF for 5 to 10 seconds before turning it back ON. This should fix any issues with making or receiving calls on your iPhone.

Fix 2: Reset Your iPhone network

Try resetting your network. To do this, go to Settings >> General >> Reset >> Reset Network. Keep in mind that all saved login details, Wi-Fi passwords, or other VPN-related settings will be erased after this reset. So, have a backup before initiating this step.

Fix 3: Do an OS Update

Update your iOS version. You may need to first check for Software update, download, then install the update. Please note that some updates will only download over a Wi-Fi connection. If this does not fix the issue, please proceed to the next option.

What If You Can’t Make Calls But Can Receive?

If you can’t make calls but can receive calls from others, the first thing you want to do is check if you’re not blocked from calling the said number. So you could text the recipient or reach them some other way to request that they check their block list or their do-no-allow calls list.

Some other things you could try if no other option seems to work is:

  • Reaching out to your service provider to report the issue.
  • Initiating a system reset. (Note that this should be done only after trying every other option).

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