Why Won't My Call Go Through to a Certain Number?

By John Adebimitan

Having trouble reaching a certain number? It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

In this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind call failures and give you steps to solve the problem. From network issues to blocked numbers, there are several factors at play.

So, in case you ever asked, why won’t my call go through to a certain number? keep reading to overcome this communication hurdle.

Why Won’t My Call Go Through to a Certain Number?

Firstly, ensure you dial the correct number and that it hasn’t been changed or deactivated. Network issues, such as poor coverage or temporary outages, can also prevent your call from going through. Additionally, the person you’re trying to reach may have intentionally blocked your number or restricted incoming calls.

  • 1. Incorrect number

When calling a specific number, one common reason your call won’t go through is if you dialed an incorrect number. You may have entered the wrong digits when dialing the number.

  • 2. Possible Network Issues

If you cannot connect your call to a certain number, one possible reason could be network issues. Network coverage problems, such as weak or no signal in the area, can hinder call connectivity. It’s also possible that the recipient’s network provider is experiencing technical difficulties, or there may be a temporary network outage.

Additionally, the call could be blocked by the recipient’s network or restricted due to security or privacy settings.

  • 3. The Number is No Longer Available

If the number you’re trying to call is unavailable, your call won’t go through. There can be several reasons why a number may no longer be available:

  • The person may have deactivated the number.
  • The person may have purchased a new number and deactivated the old one.
  • The number may have been reassigned to someone else.
  • The person may have switched to a different service provider.
  • 4. The Person probably blocked your number

Did the person block your number if your call won’t go through to a certain number? It’s possible.

When your call consistently fails to connect, it could be because the person you’re trying to reach has intentionally blocked your number. Blocking a contact can prevent their calls from coming through and may also result in a busy tone or straight to voicemail.

  • 5. You Mistakenly blocked the Number

Blocking a number on your device can prevent you from making or receiving calls from that specific number. You may have inadvertently blocked the number while navigating your device’s settings.

To unblock the number and allow calls to go through, you’ll need to access your device’s settings, locate the blocked numbers list, and remove the specific number from the block list.

What to do when you can’t call a specific phone number

If you cannot call a specific phone number, there are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue.

Fix 1: Confirm that you have the correct Number

Before attempting to troubleshoot why your call won’t go through to a certain number, it’s essential to ensure that you have the correct number by double-checking it for accuracy. So, verify that you have the correct phone number, country, and area codes.

Fix 2: Restart your Mobile Phone and Try Calling Again

To resolve the issue of being unable to call a specific phone number, try restarting your mobile phone and attempting the call again. This simple step can often resolve temporary issues or software conflicts that may prevent your call from going through.

Restarting your device can refresh the network connection and clear any glitches that may be affecting the call. Once the device has rebooted, try calling the number again. If the issue persists, there may be other factors at play, and it may be necessary to explore alternative methods of communication or contact your service provider for further assistance.

Fix 3: Try Calling the Number from a Different Phone

To troubleshoot the issue of not being able to call a specific phone number, try dialing the number from a different phone. This will help determine if the problem is with your device or network. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Use a friend’s or family member’s phone to make the call.
  • Check if the call goes through from the different phone.
  • If the call is successful, the issue may be with your device or network.

Fix 4: Check for Calling Restrictions like Contact Blocking

  1. If the call still doesn’t go through, it’s possible that the person has blocked your number or you have blocked the number. Confirm this by calling from a new number that the person isn’t aware of.
  2. If the call connects, then your number has indeed been blocked or you have blocked the number. In this case, you can try reaching out to the person through other means like email or messaging apps.

Fix 5: Check for Network Coverage in your area

If you’re unable to call a specific phone number, the next step is to check for network coverage in your area. Here are some steps you can take:

  • Double-check your network signal: Ensure that you have a strong network signal by moving to an area with better coverage. Weak or no network signal can hinder call connectivity.
  • Contact your service provider: Reach out to your service provider’s customer support for assistance. They can help troubleshoot and resolve any network coverage issues you may be experiencing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can Clearing Cache and Restarting the Phone Help in Resolving Call Failure?

Clearing the cache and restarting your phone can help resolve call failure by fixing temporary software glitches. It refreshes your device and resolves conflicts that may be hindering call connectivity.

How Can Resetting Network Settings on Your Phone Resolve Call Failure Problems?

Resetting network settings on your phone can resolve call failure problems by refreshing the connection between your device and the network. It can fix issues related to network configuration and connectivity, improving your chances of making successful calls.

Are There Any Specific Account-Related Issues That Could Be Causing Call Failure to a Certain Number?

There could be specific account-related issues causing call failure to a certain number. Check for unpaid bills, account suspension, or call restrictions that may be blocking your calls. Contact your service provider for further assistance.

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