WiFi Not Working on Phone But Working on Other Devices

By John Adebimitan

A little over a year ago, I tried doing an over-the-air update to my Android operating system. For some reason, the battery was less than 30 percent when I started the update, and soon enough, the battery ran out before the update was completed. I gave it time to charge, restarted my device, and completed the update.

While everything worked fine afterward, I noticed the WiFi not working on phone but working on other devices issue. I was able to work around it, and I thought it was nice to put an article together that will help anyone having similar issues.

WiFi Not Working on Phone but Working on Other Devices? Best Fixes

Fix 1: Check the router

The first fix we would recommend if the WiFi is not working on the phone but is working on other devices is to take a look at the router in question.

WiFi Not Working on Phone But Working on Other Devices

Try to reconnect the device to the router manually as the device might not be auto-connecting to the router >> You also want to check if the router has a limit on the number of devices that can connect to it (Of course, this will mean disconnecting other devices from the router and trying to connect only your phone) >> You also want to forget the WiFi network on your phone and reset the router/ modem and try reconnecting.

Fix 2. Reset the Android Phone’s Network settings

The second real fix we will recommend for the WiFi not working on phone but working on other devices issue is resetting your phone’s network settings. Go to the Settings app on your device >> Go to the Network or System page on your device (might be different depending on your device) >> Look for either Reset or Reset Network Settings option >> Reset and restart your device. After that, you can try reconnecting to the WiFi.

Fix 2.1. Reset the iPhone’s Network settings – WiFi Not Working on the iPhone But Working on Other Devices

If the case of your WiFi not working on phone but working on other devices is on your iPhone, then here is an easy way to reset your iPhone’s Network Settings. What this process achieves is resetting the networks you’ve connected to, resetting the passwords, the cellular settings, and the APN and VPN settings you have used before.

In your iPhone menu, tap Settings >> go to General >> select Reset >> select Reset Network Settings.

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Fix 3. Factory Reset the Android Phone – Samsung, Huawei

While conducting a factory reset might mean that your device will revert to the original settings, it might be what fixes the issue for you. If you remember, my WiFi not working on phone but working on other devices issue was caused during an update to the phone’s software, and a complete factory reset did the trick in my case.

Note that factory resets will result in loss of data and of any downloaded applications, so backup anything you wouldn’t want to lose before trying this fix.

Fix 3. Factory Reset the Android Phone – Samsung, Huawei

Go to the Settings menu of your device >> Click on Backup and Reset or Systems (depending on what phone you use) >> Select Factory Data Reset or just Reset (depending on what phone you use) >> Select Reset Phone on the next page.  Try reconnecting your phone to WiFi after the factory reset completes.

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Fix 3.1 Factory Reset iPhone – WiFi Not Working on iPhone But Working on Other Devices

To factory reset your iPhone to fix this issue, go to Settings >> select General >> select Reset >> select Erase All Content and Settings >> Tap Backup then Erase >> type your passcode if you have one set and tap the warning box in red >> enter your Apple ID password for confirmation of the action.

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Fix 4. Check for MAC address filtering and blacklist

You would want to check to see if your MAC address filtering is enabled. If it is, and if there are any devices in the list, you would want to have it turned off and disabled.

While this setting is great for protecting your network, there are cases where it blocks out certain devices, resulting in connection issues for these devices.

In a case where your device sees the network but won’t connect, then you also want to check the WiFi router backend for a list of blacklisted devices to see if the Android device or iPhone is on the list.

Fix 5. Get Your Phone to a Hardware Repair Store for Fixing

If none of these fixes work for you, and if, in the case of your Android phone or iPhone, the device doesn’t detect the network in question even though it’s within range, we would recommend that you have your device hardware checked.

If you still have warranty coverage, you can always return the device to the manufacturer, but we think this is the most definite cause of the WiFi not working on phone but working on other devices issues if other fixes don’t work.

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