7 Best Free Windows 10 Bluetooth Driver Downloads

By John Adebimitan

Windows 10 is probably the most extensively used operating system today. But for some of us, the Bluetooth feature that comes with our PC and most PCs have issues. These Windows 10 Bluetooth drivers can be downloaded easily and applied seamlessly.

7 Best Free Windows 10 Bluetooth Drivers & Software

  1. Intel Wireless Windows 10 Bluetooth Driver
  2. Bluetooth driver installer
  3. Dell and HP Bluetooth Driver Installers
  4. BluetoothView
  5. Medieval Bluetooth File Transfer
  6. Blue Soleil
  7. Toshiba Bluetooth Stack

1. Intel Wireless Windows 10 Bluetooth Driver

The first Windows 10 Bluetooth driver we will be looking at is the one coming directly from Intel. This is probably the most trustworthy source of Bluetooth drivers for your PC. You can easily download Windows 10 Bluetooth drivers for HP or Dell computers.

The service has now stopped making drivers for lower versions of the Windows operating system, so only Windows 10 users can get support for their download and software issues.

The Windows 10 Bluetooth driver from Microsoft solves issues like disappearing Bluetooth devices on reboot, issues related to Wi-Fi workload when several Bluetooth devices are paired, and it comes with many other functional and security updates.

You should run the driver and support assistant to automatically detect updates.

2. Dell and HP Bluetooth Driver Installers

If you are using a Dell or HP laptop, and, in fact, every PC out there, chances are that your PC manufacturer has an official driver download website. You would be able to download the Bluetooth driver for your laptop from the website easily.

This option increases the odds of finding a Windows 10 Bluetooth driver that will be compatible with your PC and not cause issues in the future. Your PC manufacturer also has options for checking your specific version of PC and gives you the version of Windows 10 Bluetooth driver that will work for your specific PC.

So if the above options don’t work, try to have your Windows 10 Bluetooth driver downloaded officially on:

Dell Windows 10 Bluetooth driver free download

Simply visit this link to download the Dell Bluetooth driver for free.

Link:> Dell

HP Windows 10 Bluetooth driver free download

Simply visit this link to download the HP Bluetooth driver for free.

Link:> HP

ASUS Windows 10 Bluetooth driver free download

Simply visit this link to download the ASUS Bluetooth driver free.

Link:> ASUS

Lenovo Windows 10 Bluetooth driver free download

Simply visit this link to download the Lenovo Bluetooth driver free.

Link:> Lenovo

Acer Windows 10 Bluetooth driver free download

Simply visit this link to download the Acer Windows 10 Bluetooth driver free.

Link:> Acer

Microsoft Windows 10 Bluetooth driver free download

Simply visit this link to download the Microsoft Bluetooth driver free.

Link:> Microsoft

3. BluetoothView

BluetoothView can be a great tool if you work in an environment where you usually use BT devices. It’s designed to detect Bluetooth networks and show you a list of all the available devices.

The program has an organized interface for this. Here, you will see each device, whether printers, smartphones, tablets, speakers, televisions, headphones, and any other option.

You will be able to know the device name, the IP and MAC address, and the times it has connected with your computer. In this case, it will notify you if it is the first time or the last time you had contact with that device.

Download BluetoothView

4. Medieval Bluetooth File Transfer

Medieval Bluetooth File Transfer is more of a file manager and file transfer program. Once downloaded and installed, it asks you to link your Bluetooth device with your computer.

You can transfer files using the drag and drop function. And you can use the same procedure to receive from another device.

But what I like most about Medieval Bluetooth File Transfer is that it has a remote access feature. In other words, although both computers need to be linked to enter the files, the same route is not necessarily used. Finally, the program can connect with a smartphone, computer, car kit, and more. 

Download Medieval Bluetooth File Transfer

5. Blue Soleil

BlueSoleil is one of the most recommended if you want an all-in-one tool for managing Bluetooth services. This program is available as software and as a Bluetooth driver. 

On the one hand, you have the option to connect with connected devices to transfer documents. On the other hand, you can also access your linked headphones, speakers, or other audio equipment and turn up the volume, see the battery level, or send the music you want to play.

Meanwhile, BlueSoleil integrates with the internet or data packet transfer service. In addition, it is a tool to manage pages if you need to send files to print on your Bluetooth printer.

Download Blue Soleil

6. Toshiba Bluetooth Stack

With this, Toshiba has made a compilation of Bluetooth drivers for Windows. What I like about this is that it’s not only designed for its brand devices but a wide variety of computer systems on the market. 

This application allows you to manage even Chinese-made headphones, speakers, or devices. In addition, Toshiba Bluetooth Stack for Windows includes a Bluetooth management program with everything you need to use the network.

After it detects a pair of headphones, you’ll be able to raise or lower the volume, define them as a priority over others, and transfer the music you want to play. 

Download Toshiba Bluetooth Stack

7. Bluetooth Driver Installer

Bluetooth Driver Installer is used to repair problems. It’s designed to detect drivers that are not working, search for an alternative, and reinstall it correctly.

You need to run the Bluetooth Driver Installer when such an error occurs. This takes care of installing the new version, and you can try to link again, probably successfully this time.

Specifically, this application does not install a driver package but only those that your device requires so as not to overload your computer. 

Download Bluetooth Driver Installer 

How to Download Bluetooth on Windows 10

There is software that can detect missing drivers and install them. You can also download a Bluetooth driver by going to the Device Manager. 

  1. Type  and open Device Manager in the Windows 10 search tab at the left bottom corner of your system Desktop page 
  2. Look for Bluetooth in the list of items. Then, click on the arrow in front of Bluetooth to expand it. 
Best Windows 10 Bluetooth Drivers and Software
  • Right-click on the Bluetooth driver you want to download or update
  • Click Update driver 
  • Then select Search automatically for updated driver software. 
Best Windows 10 Bluetooth Drivers and Software
  • Wait for the system to search for and download the latest driver if there’s a new one

How Can I Make My Windows Bluetooth Better?

Below are some tips to consider to improve your Bluetooth signal:

1. Change the location

Sometimes simply changing the location of the devices can dramatically improve the signal. It’s not just about bringing the devices closer but preventing them from being next to emitting sources that can reduce the signal. It is something similar to what can happen with WiFi networks.

2. Keep your devices secure

Of course, it is essential to maintain security on the devices. A good antivirus and security tools that prevent threats from entering can make them work better and avoid performance problems.

3. Be careful with other applications that are being used

Other applications running simultaneously on your device could slow down the Bluetooth connection. Take this into account if you see that there are speed problems. 

How Can I Boost My Bluetooth

If your Bluetooth device range is too small, you can boost it with a Bluetooth repeater.

A Bluetooth repeater is a Bluetooth transmission amplifier. It catches the Bluetooth signal coming in and sends it forward. Thus, under some circumstances, it can also boost the signal range.

There are 3 Bluetooth classes, and each differs in its performance and range. Therefore, it is best first to check your Bluetooth device class. An expensive repeater is no use if you have class 3 that only has a very short range anyway. Because it cannot boost the signal to a class 2 or 1 range. However, if you only achieve a very short range with class 1, it might make sense to buy a repeater.

  1. Class 3: Maximum power: 1 mW; Maximum level: 0 dBm; Outdoor range: around 1 m
  2. Class 2: Maximum power: 2.5 mW; Maximum level: 4 dBm; Outdoor range: around 10 m
  3. Class 1: Maximum power: 100 mW; Maximum level: 20 dBm; Outdoor range: around 100 m

However, knowing the Bluetooth class is not always easy because the marking is often hidden. Meanwhile, with a USB Bluetooth stick, you will usually find the information on the back of the device in the technical data printed in small print.

A Bluetooth repeater doesn’t come cheap, however. You have to pay close to $200. And some devices may not boost anything, especially with a high Bluetooth class. Therefore, it would be best if you consider buying a new but better stick instead.

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