5 Best Touch Screen Monitors for Drawing [with Stylus]

By John Adebimitan

Touch Screen Monitor features come in handy for monitor users in all sections of the market, from users looking for computer monitors for productivity and work tasks like photo editing with tools like Photoshop and tasks like drawing graphic designing, video editing, and working on Microsoft Suite of productivity apps.

In this article, we pick and recommend some of the best touch Screen Monitors for Drawing we have personally tried our hands-on. These monitors have pretty large displays, which ensures that you have enough real estate, and they’re options produced by some of the most trusted names in the computer monitor market.

Best Touch Screen Monitors for Drawing [for Work, Drawing, Graphic Design, Productivity, with Stylus]

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Acer T272HL – Best Touch Screen Monitor for Work


  • Good quality screen
  • Comes with built-in speakers
  • Low response time of 5ms
  • Looks minimalistic and high-quality
  • The stand comes with support for ergonomics
  • Great viewing angles


  • The speakers aren’t that great
  • The screen can be reflective

Some of the features that stand out about the Acer T272HL that have made it one of the best 27-inch touchscreen monitors are its responsive 10-point touch tech, the fact that it produces colors accurately, while the color fidelity is maintained even when you view the monitor from an angle.

Acer T272HL - 5 Best Touch Screen Monitors for Drawing [with Stylus]

The Acer T272HL comes with a sheet of edge-to-edge glass that protects the monitor while offering you plenty of on-screen space to swipe and enjoy touch gestures. Wide black bezels are bordering the display, while on the bottom of the display, you will find a 2.4-inch plastic attached, adding a little more to the monitor’s weight.

The onscreen navigation of this monitor remains a standout feature for me.  I didn’t like, though, that you have limited options when it comes to the picture settings, although you have picture modes and eColor Management that give you a little more freedom to customize the settings based on your demands.

Other on-screen settings you get include the brightness, the contrast, and the color temperature.

Navigating the web, flicking through photos, gaming, drawing, and painting was a breeze with this monitor. The display was very responsive to the touch, while it isn’t so sensitive that it responds when touched mistakenly.

Acer T272HL - 5 Best Touch Screen Monitors for Drawing [with Stylus]

You’d also appreciate that it is a 27-inch edge-to-edge widescreen monitor with 1920 x 1080 pixels in resolution, while you’d be able to get a max brightness level of around 300 nits.

Connectivity options you get include VGA, DVI, and HDMI. The Acer T272HL allows you to seamlessly connect your devices, from your computer to your media devices and your smartphones, so you get top-quality picture and color production.

Dell P2418HT – Best Dell Touch Screen Monitor for Photoshop, Graphic Design, and Drawing

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  • Easily adjustable stand
  • Stylish design with a small bezel
  • High-quality build
  • Great image, contrast, and color quality
  • Touch screen display
  • Anti-glare display


  • High-input lag
  • Plastic front screen layer

If you’re on the lookout for a high-quality Dell touchscreen monitor, then you should give this Dell P2418HT serious consideration. The matte finish on this monitor, its support for ergonomics with its adjustable stand, the high-quality screen, and its super sleek design all add to make the Dell P2418HT one of the best options on the market.

Dell P2418HT

The 10-point touch feature that comes with this monitor gives you more versatility and allows you to easily get your controls right when using apps and software that require much more than a mouse and keyboard for controls.

The touch screen is very responsive, it feels natural, and you can tap, swipe, slide, and pinch as seamlessly as possible. The display is also a two-handed touch control, so you’re sure to enjoy smoother, better navigation.

The high-quality design of this monitor’s IPS panel, the top-notch contrast and color accuracy, the high input lag, and its 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution all contributed to the quality and seamless operation of this display. The Bezels are ultra-thin, so you’re getting as much real estate as possible on the display front.

On the ergonomics front, the Dell P2418HT easily passes as one of the most ergonomic options we have ever used.

The height of the monitor is adjustable; you can use the monitor upright as you would a standard monitor, while it can also be adjusted to a 60-degree angle touch orientation, especially when you’re using it for creative tasks.

The tilting can be extended, it swivels seamlessly, and it has a protective cushion that protects the monitor against bumps, especially when fully compressed.

Dell P2418HT

If you’re looking for a touchscreen monitor that will come in handy for work and other productivity-related activities, a monitor that’s great for creative tasks like drawing, graphic designing, architecture, and just about any task that requires a seamless control of the display, the Dell P2418HT easily passes as one of the best Touch Screen Monitors for Drawing.

Asus Zenscreen MB16AMT – Best Touch Screen Portable Monitor with Stylus


  • Gesture-based multi-touch
  • Stylus input support
  • Top-notch brightness and contrast ratio
  • Built-in speakers
  • Built-in battery
  • Has more connection ports and connectivity support


  • Somewhat dull colors
  • The stylus pen isn’t of the best quality

If you’re always on the move and need a portable touchscreen monitor, the Asus Zenscreen MB16AMT is our best, most recommended option. This LCD monitor comes with an internal battery, so you would be able to stay juiced and stay as creative as possible, especially if you’re sketching or drawing with a drawing tablet.

Asus Zenscreen MB16AMT

Out-of-the-box, this monitor comes with a stylus pen with which you’d be able to sketch and design on the move. The display has good viewing angles; we were able to clock 200 nits in brightness, which means this tablet is mainly designed for indoor use.

The Zenscreen is a matte surface IPS panel, the sRGB support is around 49% when we measured it, and the quality of the color, whilen’t comparable to larger, more expensive options, is just great for mobility.

This monitor comes in a 15.6-inch display; it weighs around 2 pounds, while it’s 9mm thick. The monitor also comes with a protective magnetic case that easily snaps to the back of the monitor.

The speakers have been built into the side of the monitor, and for small speakers, the stereo quality is definitely a pass.

The Zenscreen comes with a 7800mAh battery, which means there will be close to zero power drain on all connected devices. On our test, we used this for around 4 hours on the internal battery for all our work-related tasks. If you plan to use this portable touchscreen monitor for longer, you can always power it via the USB-C port.

Asus Zenscreen MB16AMT

The Zenscreen portable touchscreen monitor with a stylus pen is compatible with Windows operating systems, Android 6.0 and higher, Mac, iOS, and Thunderbolt 3. The Zenscreen also comes with Asus Eye Care technology, which includes a blue-ray filter and flicker-free backlighting, so your eyes are protected from strains that may result from lengthy periods of looking at the display.

For its price, its connectivity options, its stylus pen support, and its ease of movement, the Asus Zenscreen MB16AMT passes as one of the best computer monitors with a touch screen and stylus pen.

Planar Helium PCT2785 27″ – Best Touch Screen Monitor for Video Conferencing


  • Great touch response, even with dry fingers
  • Good ergonomics support
  • Pretty fast response time
  • More connectivity ports
  • Quality built-in speakers, webcam, and mic
  • Good contrast ratio


  • Needs three cables to operate. Power, Video, and a USB
  • Consumes more power than similar monitors

The Planar Helium PCT2785 will easily pass as one of the best 27-inch touchscreen monitors for video conferencing and other video calling demands. The Planar Helium is a high-quality, sturdily built monitor that’s ideal for anyone looking for a touchscreen monitor that puts comfort and ergonomics above everything else.

One of the best features of this monitor is its 10-point progressive capacitive touch, another one is its MVA panel technology, and another is its nice range of ports.

The Planar Helium comes with a 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution, the bezels are quite thick at 1.2 inches, on the top bezels are embedded the webcam and mic, the power button is touch-sensitive, while the two 3-Watt speakers built into the monitor are some of the best-sounding I have tested.

This monitor is quite heavy at around 19.5 pounds in weight, while it’s 1.95 inches thick. It comes with a metal stand that allows for tilting the monitor and adjusting the monitor to use both in the traditional desktop stand format and with its back lying flat on a desktop surface, which makes it a great option for creatives.

For users who would want to have this monitor hung up, it comes with a 100 x 100 VESA mounting support on the back.

The screen was very responsive to the touch; tapping, pinching, swiping, and navigating with the display was a complete breeze.

Planar Helium PCT2785

While it has good viewing angles, and good depth in color, picture, and contrast, it isn’t the best for gaming at 14ms response time, but it should work well for day-to-day productivity and creativity tasks, including video conferencing.

Overall, for being a large screen at 27 inches, for coming with support for many more connectivity features, for having a display that is very responsive while not being too sensitive, for being well-priced, the Planar Helium PCT2785 easily passes as one of the best Touch Screen Monitors for Drawing and other work-related activities.

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ViewSonic TD2760 – Best 27-Inch Touch Screen Monitor


  • Good support for ergonomics
  • Sturdy, high-quality build
  • Good range of connectivity ports
  • Great for productivity
  • Good refresh rate and response time for work


  • Weighty monitor
  • Bezels are very thick

Another high-quality 27-inch touchscreen monitor that’s worth consideration is the ViewSonic TD2760. Whether you need a commercial touch-screen monitor for your consumer applications or you need a touch-screen monitor for the day-to-day demands of office life, the TD2760 is one of the best options you can get.

ViewSonic TD2760

This monitor comes with a MEGA dynamic contrast ratio of 50:1. With this contrast ratio, the relationship between both dark and bright colors is even more obvious, so the images are vibrant, rich, and accurate.

You’d also love the SuperClear MVA Panel technology that ensures that the color production is accurate and consistent with the levels of brightness in all viewing angles.

I can’t talk about the display without mentioning that the monitor comes with a 10-point multi-touch display, so more than one user will be able to write, draw, and sketch on the display surfaces either with their fingers or using stylus pens.

On the connectivity front, the ViewSonic TD2760 comes with one of the most diverse range of connectivity ports, easily passing as an option almost everyone can use.

It can work with Windows 10, Linux, Chrome, and Android, while it comes with connectivity ports such as DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA ports, and two USB ports.

On the ergonomics front, the ViewSonic TD2760 comes with a stand that can be tilted, raised, and laid on its back seamlessly.

For traditional work use, the ViewSonic TD2760 comes with a stand that can be adjusted and even hung up using its 100 x 100mm VESA mount.

ViewSonic TD2760

If you decide to use this monitor with customer applications and creativity software, it can tilt into the position that will be most comfortable for the users.

Overall, the ViewSonic TD2760 passes as one of the best Touch Screen Monitors for Drawing for commercial and creative needs because of its many ports, its large display, and its improved support for ergonomics.

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