Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls [FIXED]

By John Adebimitan

Getting “cellular or mobile network not available for voice calls” on Android and iPhone is one issue a lot of mobile users have been dealing with in recent months. In fact, on checking our web analytics, it’s one of the few issues that are being searched more times every day, so we thought it nice to share an article on why you are getting the “cellular network not available for voice calls” notifications and how to fix this mobile network not available issue fast.

These fixes will work all the same whether you’re using an iPhone or Android phones like a Samsung Galaxy, Moto G e, Moto G Power, Moto G Plus, Moto G 7, Tecno, or Infinix; and for the most part, it cuts across all network providers and plans, from Google Fi, Vodafone, AT&T, T-Mobile, Metro PCs down to Verizon, so we know one or more of these fixes will work for you.

Why is my Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls?

Why do you get “cellular or mobile network not available for voice calls” when trying to make phone calls? The culprit in most cases will be that you are in an area that has no network towers covering it.

But if you have good network coverage in your area, this issue would likely be caused by incorrect configurations of your device, SIM or software issues, and in the worst-case scenario, some hardware issues.

Irrespective of what may be causing these issues, we’d be trying to get it fixed in this article as each fix tackles one part of your network and phone issue or the other.

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Fix 1: Check for Network Coverage in Your Area

If you get the “cellular network not available for voice calls” notification, the first thing you will really want to check is what the cellular network or mobile network coverage in your area looks like.

If the signal strength bar on your phone is low, then that might be the reason you’re unable to make phone calls. If your carrier doesn’t have network coverage in your area, then you won’t be able to make phone calls, but if they do, you would want to reboot your phone and see if things change.

There is also a slim chance that the reason you’re unable to call is that the carrier is fixing things on the local tower, so giving it an hour or so might be what you need.

Fix 2: Reboot Your Phone

We have been able to get the “cellular network not available for voice calls” error cleared after doing a reboot of the phone.

What rebooting does is help your phone fix errors, clear all apps and memory leaks causing issues, and smoothen its operation, and that is why we recommend it.

Turn your phone OFF and leave it turned OFF for around 10 minutes. Restart it and see if you’re able to make calls now.

Fix 3: Check If Your Mobile Plan Allows It

Many times when people have the “cellular network not available for voice calls” error, it’s a result of phone plans that are past due dates.

If you haven’t paid your phone bills, then this error will surely come up at some point depending on what carrier you use. If you are past the due date and haven’t renewed your phone plan, renewing it should fix things.

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Fix 4: Update Your Phone Software

Running an OTA software update on your phone is one of the proven fixes to the “cellular network not available for voice calls” issue.

The reason why this works is that phones have bugs that cause issues like making your phone forget its SIM, so the security updates work to fix this.

To do this, connect your phone to Wi-Fi >> go to Settings >> tap on About Phone >> select Software or System Update (depending on the phone) >> you would most likely find an update that you need to install >> install this, and when your phone completes the update and restarts, check if there is a software update remaining >> after all updates have been installed, the phone would work just fine again.

Note: If you check for system or software updates and your phone says there are none, shut your phone OFF, remove the SIM and try without the SIM. Continue rebooting without the SIM with the phone connected to Wi-Fi until you find and install all updates. You can re-insert the SIM when all updates have been installed and the phone rebooted the last time.

Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls [FIXED]

Fix 5: Remove and Re-Insert SIM Card

As simple as this seems, it has been the fix for many cellular/mobile network-related issues. Take out the SIM, reinsert it into the phone and see if that fixes things.

If it doesn’t, you can try inserting your SIM into another phone and see if it works. Whatever results should tell if it’s actually a SIM issue or a phone issue. If it’s a SIM issue, you might just need to reach your carrier to lay a complaint.

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Fix 6: Tweak Roaming Settings

Tweaking the roaming settings has fixed the “cellular network not available for voice calls” error for many users. To do this, go to Settings >> select Mobile Network >> tap on Data Roaming.

If data roaming is enabled, disable it, if it isn’t, enable it to see if that fixes things. Always ensure that you return it to what it was (enabled or disabled) if tweaking it ON or OFF doesn’t fix things.

Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls [FIXED]

Fix 7: Reset Network Settings

Installing a software update or changing a phone setting might have affected your ability to make calls. To reset your network settings, go to Settings >> select System >> tap on Reset >> select Reset Mobile Network >> select the SIM with the issue >> complete the process by tapping Reset Settings.

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