What Does “No Longer Under Consideration” Mean on Job Applications?

By John Adebimitan

If you have applied for a job, you should regularly check the status of your application online. This not only alerts you to what needs to be done, but it also satisfies your curiosity during the application process.

How will you know if you are still in contention for the position? How should you interpret the tags attached to your applications? What does “no longer under consideration” mean on job applications? Continue reading to find answers to these questions.

What Does “No Longer Under Consideration” Mean on Job Application?

If you have recently applied for a job and you see ‘’no longer under consideration’’ on your application, it means that you are no longer in contention for that role. It could also mean that the company thinks your skill set does not fit the job description, and as such, you will not make the list of shortlisted candidates for that position.

“No longer under consideration” does not mean that you are barred from applying for any other position within the company.

Companies are more likely to employ someone whose application has already been reviewed and screened for another role within the company than employing someone new.

While this is not encouraging news, there could be some advantages in knowing this early enough. One such advantage is that you will quickly get rid of any false hope. This way, you can easily focus on other opportunities that may be open.

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What is “Under Consideration” A Good Sign Of?

If you checked the status of your job application online and noticed that it is still tagged as “under consideration” and you have not yet been invited for an interview, it means that your application is being reviewed by the company’s recruiters. This makes sense because you may not be the only applicant vying for that role.

HR will need some time to decide if you are the best candidate or maybe someone else is a better fit. But hey, that’s good news because you are just one step away from being invited for an interview for that role. That is why “under consideration” is a good sign that you are being considered for the job.

Will other candidates get the same tag as well? Yes! Every other candidate that is being considered for an interview will also see the “under consideration” on their respective applications. But understand that because you see “under consideration” on your application does not mean that you will unfailingly be invited for an interview. The HR may have other criteria that their final shortlist must meet.

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What Does “Under Consideration” Mean After Interview?

You have just been invited for an interview and after preparing well for it, you went there and did yourself proud. After about a week, you decide to check the status of the application, and alas! What you saw is “under consideration”.  What could this possibly mean?

One thing this could mean is that other candidates are being interviewed and the interview process has not yet been completed. For some companies that prioritize flexibility, they may choose to interview candidates at separate times until all candidates have been interviewed.

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Another possibility is that they are considering hiring you but need to get some background checks done. These background checks may involve contacting your references as well as talking to your past employers to know who you are.

One thing you should know is that the HR department is very slow. They need to take their time to analyze every candidate so they don’t miss something important during the process. So, even after an interview, you might still notice the “under consideration” on your application or the “no longer under consideration” should they find anything. On average, though, in like 15 to 20 days after your interview, you might want to tactfully reach out to the company to find out if the position is still open and what your standing is.

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