How to Wave on Instagram Live

By John Adebimitan

You’re ready to connect with your audience on Instagram Live, but how do you make it more personal? By waving!

This guide will show you how to wave on Instagram Live, making your streams more engaging. Whether you’re a pro or just starting, you’ll learn how to start a stream, invite viewers, and wave to them.

How to Wave on Instagram Live

How do you start an Instagram Live and wave at someone who’s joined your stream? It’s easier than you think! First, open Instagram and swipe right to access the camera. Select ‘Live’ and hit ‘Start Live Video.’ Once you’re live, notifications pop up as viewers join. To wave at someone, tap the ‘Wave’ button next to their name. It’s a great non-verbal way to acknowledge your viewers and make them feel seen.

How to Wave on Instagram Live
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Waving Back at Someone on Instagram Live

When someone waves at you during an Instagram Live, it’s an invitation for interaction, and you can respond by waving back.

Here’s how:

  1. First, join the live session by tapping the story bar on the home page.
  2. After you’ve joined, wait for the host to wave first or initiate the wave yourself.
  3. To do this, tap the comment box to open your keyboard, and hit the emoji icon in the bottom left corner to switch to emoji mode.
  4. Please search for the wave emoji and tap on it to add it to your comment.
  5. Lastly, tap ‘Post’ to send your wave.

Congratulations, you’ve now successfully waved back on Instagram Live!

Meaning of Waving on IG Live

After learning how to wave back during an Instagram Live session, it’s crucial to understand what this gesture signifies. Waving on IG Live isn’t merely an activity – it’s a symbol of acknowledgment and connection.

  1. Recognition: Waving at someone shows you’ve noticed their presence in your live session. It’s a way to say, ‘I see you.’
  2. Welcoming: A wave is an informal greeting. By waving, you’re welcoming viewers into your live broadcast.
  3. Interaction: Waving encourages engagement. It’s a simple way to interact with your audience without breaking the flow of your content.
  4. Appreciation: Waving is a non-verbal thank you to your viewers for joining your live session and showing gratitude for their support.

Wave Feature on Instagram Live – An Overview

You’ll find that the wave feature on Instagram Live is a handy tool, allowing you to greet numerous viewers non-verbally during your live streams. It’s an easy and fun way to engage with your audience right from the moment they join, creating a welcoming atmosphere and fostering a sense of community.

Waving on Instagram Live is pretty straightforward. A notification pops up in your chat box when a viewer joins your live stream. To wave at them, click the wave button next to their name. You’ll see a small animation of a hand waving, which signals to the viewer that you’ve acknowledged their presence.

But the wave feature isn’t just for the host. As a viewer, you can also wave back. To do this, tap the comment box to bring up your keyboard. Then, click the emoji icon to switch to emoji mode and scroll or search for the wave emoji. Once you’ve found it, click on it to add it to your comment and hit post. The broadcaster will see your wave and know you’re actively engaged in their live broadcast.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Wave at Multiple Viewers at the Same Time on Instagram Live?

Yes, you can wave at multiple viewers simultaneously on Instagram Live. When users join your live stream, tap the ‘wave’ button next to their name. It’s a friendly way to acknowledge your viewers.

What Happens if I Accidentally Wave at Someone During an Instagram Live Session?

If you accidentally wave at someone during an Instagram Live session, don’t worry. It’s a friendly gesture, like saying hello. They’ll get a notification that you’ve waved, but it’s no big deal.

Can I Retract a Wave Sent During an Instagram Live Session?

Unfortunately, you can’t retract a wave once it’s sent during an Instagram Live session. It’s immediate, just like a comment or a like, and there’s no undo option. Don’t worry; it’s a casual gesture.

How Do I Personalize the Wave Emoji When Responding to a Wave on Instagram Live?

To personalize the wave emoji on Instagram Live, you can’t. Instagram doesn’t allow for personalization of emojis. You’re stuck with the standard wave emoji when you want to respond to a wave.

Are There Any Restrictions or Limitations to Using the Wave Feature on Instagram Live?

You’re not limited to using the wave feature on Instagram Live. You can wave at every viewer who joins your stream. However, remember, it’s all about engaging effectively with your audience.

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