4 Best International Payment Gateway Without OTP in Nigeria

By John Adebimitan

Are you looking for an online international payment gateway in Nigeria? I have compiled a list of 4 of the best payment gateways in Nigeria with or without OTP requirements.

These payment gateways are meant to be used to accept online payments from customers. So if you have customers in Nigeria and/or other countries, these payment gateways will enable you to accept payments from them, and all they need to pay you will be their credit card.

4 Best International Payment Gateway Without OTP in Nigeria

  • Paystack
  • Flutterwave
  • CashEnvoy
  • Stripe

Paystack – Best Payment Gateway in Nigeria

Paystack is the leading brand in online bank card and transfer payments in Nigeria. I used the company to accept payments from people who bought products on my website, and they did provide one of the best customer support I have seen.

They don’t require that you register your business before being able to accept payments; in fact, you can accept up to 10 million Naira in payments before you’ll be required to input your business registration details, which is great if you’re running a dropshipping business or any other smaller online businesses and you’re not yet sure if it’s going to kick off, so you’re trying to invest as little as possible into the business.

Paystack is the most recommended payment gateway if you are trying to use it on Shopify and WooCommerce; they have very detailed integration guides, so your customers won’t have to be redirected away from the checkout page if you’re using this on Shopify, and they handle auto currency conversions even if your customers are making payments in another currency.

Flutterwave – PayPal Alternative in Nigeria

Flutterwave offers you a pretty much free integration if you’re in Nigeria, and it works for Shopify and WooCommerce. Flutterwave is, in my opinion, the best PayPal alternative in Nigeria for receiving and withdrawing funds into your local bank account.

It also offers you features like free integration with any technology you’re using and free virtual cards, as PayPal does. It comes with an inbuilt store on the Flutterwave platform where you can sell things online; you can also send invoices and create customized links through which clients can clear their payments without having to register an account.

When it comes to transaction fees, Flutterwave charges around 1.4% per transaction, which is one of the best percentages you’ll find online. Overall, Flutterwave remains one of the best PayPal alternatives for receiving payments in Nigeria.

CashEnvoy – Free Payment Gateway in Nigeria

While I haven’t used this platform for a very long time, it sure is one of the most reputable names when it comes to payment gateways in Nigeria.

When compared to Paystack, I think CashEnvoy is a little harder to configure, which is one of the things I look for when selecting payment gateways. But it sure does provide a secure way to send and accept payment online. If you integrate CashEnvoy, your customers will be able to make payments with credit and debit cards with ease; your customers can also make payments using online banking features and direct bank deposits.

One of the drawbacks of using CashEnvoy on my Shopify store, and why I removed it, was that it redirects customers away from the website to make payments; in this age and time in which people are scared of sending money to scammers, I believe its best for the company to work on accepting payments on the store without creating pop-ups or opening another tab to load the payment script.

Stripe – Best WooCommerce Payment Gateway for Nigeria

This is the payment gateway I have used the longest on my projects, and it’s one of the best, especially if you don’t have the majority of your customers in Nigeria. If you noticed, earlier, I said that I wanted a payment gateway that wouldn’t take customers away from the checkout page before taking the payments, and this is sure one of the best at doing that.

If you fancy wanting to have your funds remitted in dollars in case you might need to make refunds, then I would recommend this. Stripe is easily integrated with Shopify and WooCommerce; you can easily accept payments into your Payoneer accounts and withdraw your funds with the Payoneer debit card.

For me, if your business is especially targeted at international customers, then Stripe is the payment gateway for your business, but if you have the majority of your customers in Nigeria, PayStack and Flutterwave are the two best options.

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