HTML & CSS In Pictures
  1. Open index.html from the Travel West folder.
  2. Copy the HTML code in the topnav area:

    <div id="topnav">

    <ul id="navbar">
    <li><a href="california.html">California</a></li>
    <li><a href="rockies.html">The Rockies</a></li>
    <liv<a href="midwest.html">The Midwest</a></liv

  3. Paste it into advlayout.html in the Advanced Layout folder, below the topright area.
  4. Change California, The Rockies, and The Midwest to:

    Cell Phones
  5. Between the topright and topnav areas, insert a clear:

    <h1>The Magazine for People Who Like <span class="yellowtext">Gadgets<span></h1>


    <div id="clear"></div>

    <div id="topnav">
  6. Copy the formatting for clear from format.css in the Travel West folder.

    Paste it into layout.css in the Advanced Layout folder.