Publisher 2007 In Pictures

Practice: Enhancing Documents

  1. Right-click this link (Mac users, press the CTRL key while pressing the mouse button.):


    Save Books.bmp in the Practice Publisher Files folder.
  2. Open Publisher.
  3. Open the My Book Sale flyer.
  4. In the second text box on the right that asks you to list your most interesting items, type:

    First Edition of Lawrence Block's The Burglar in the Closet

    Rare copy of Louisa May Alcott's An Old-fashioned Girl

    Reader's Digest Condensed Books from 1982-1988
  5. Change the font of the list to Brush Script (or a similar handwriting-styled font if you don't have Brush Script available).
  6. Change the color scheme of the flyer to Shamrock.
  7. Insert a clipart picture of a book into the flyer.
  8. Move the picture to the top left corner of the flyer.

    The flyer should look like this:

  9. Save the flyer.

    Then close it.