Solved: PS4 Controller Not Working In Game on PC

By John Adebimitan

At one point in time or the other, a lot of us have been propelled to play games on our PCs, either as a result of damage to the console, or the mobility of some PCs which allow you to play your games on an outdoor weekend getaway.

Or just for relaxation when you minimize work and decide to play a game on your PC.

You’re already halfway there, the game is up, but all of a sudden you realize that the PS4 controller is not working in game on PC, which might be discouraging. Not to worry, here are a few fix ideas you can try if you’re certain it’s the PS4 controller that’s not working in game on PC.

PS4 Controller Not Working In Game on PC Working Fixes

Fix One: The Gamepad Driver

  • Step one: You have to make sure you have the latest driver on your PC. If you don’t, download the latest version of the driver.
  • Step two: After downloading, right-click on the downloaded setup file, at the bottom, you’ll see Properties, click on it.
  • Step three: You’ll see a compatibility tab after clicking on properties. In this tab, click on the Run this program in compatibility mode and choose the operating system or your version of Windows from the drop-down menu.
  • Step four: Proceed to complete the installation process. After this is done, then restart the computer and try again. If the PS4 controller is still not working in-game on PC, try this next fix.

Fix Two: For Windows, Troubleshoot Hardware and Devices

  • Step one: Click the Windows key on the keyboard and search for settings, or better still Press “Windows Key + I”, it will take you directly to the “Settings app”
  • Step two: Scroll till you can see the “Update & Security” section
  • Step three: Click on “Troubleshoot”, you’ll find it on the menu to the left
  • Step 4: Then proceed to select “Hardware and Devices
  • Step 5: Click on the “Run the troubleshooter” button
  • Step 6: Ensure to follow through with the guide on the screen to complete the troubleshooting

Check if the PS4 controller works. If the PS4 controller is still not working in-game on PC, there’s another fix to try.

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Fix Three: Switch Port

It might be a connectivity issue as a result of a faulty or completely damaged port. It could also be the case that the PS4 controller could not utilize the full bandwidth of a USB 3.0 Port. So try to connect the USB controller to an entirely different USB port, preferably a USB 2.0 port on your PC.

Fix Four: Reduce Device Overload

When there is an overload of devices on the PC, the PC sometimes becomes unable to detect the PS4 controller. Try to reduce the devices connected or just disconnect all other devices.

Also, when you are making use of a USB hub, ensure that you detach the gamepad from the USB hub and insert it directly into the PC, this also follows the first explanation, because, sometimes, interference may occur because of the other devices that are attached to the hub.

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Fix Five: Disable/Enable Your Gamepad For Windows.

  • Step one: Click on the Windows Key, search for the Device Manager, and locate your gamepad.
  • Step two: Right-click on it and Disable the gamepad
  • Step three: A pop up displaying the confirmation dialog will appear. Click on Yes to disable.
  • Step four: After disabling, wait for a couple of minutes, right-click on the gamepad again, then select enable.
  • Immediately you enable the gamepad, the operating system will identify the controller, it will then proceed to attempt to install the drivers needed for the controller to function.

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Fix Six: Reinstall Your Gamepad

  • Step one: Open the Device Manager
  • Step two: Find the gamepad on the list of devices >> Right-click on it and then select Uninstall device
  • Step three: A confirmation will appear asking you to choose, select Uninstall
  • Step 4: The driver will be completely removed
  • Step 5: Restart your PC. After restarting, the operating system will automatically install the missing drivers if connected and if it doesn’t, you can do that manually.

The problem with the PS4 controller should now be resolved.

If the PS4 controller is still not working in-game on PC and you’ve tried all of these tricks, it may be as a result of the PS4 controller being permanently damaged. So you might want to try other PS4 controllers to see if they work with your PC.

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